Jessica Burguan

A trusted employment, juvenile and civil litigation lawyer at Burguan Law, PLLC, Jessica Burguan is known for her impressive breadth of knowledge and her ability to navigate Arizona’s legal system. She is the perfect advocate to have at your side as you deal with a variety of anxiety-inducing legal concerns. If you would like to work with a lawyer who truly cares for your wellbeing, do not hesitate to get in touch with Jessica Burguan of Burguan Law, PLLC.

Background and Education: Attorney Jessica Burguan

Over the years, Jessica Burguan has established an excellent reputation in and around Phoenix. She has been a proud member of the Phoenix community for a long time; she initially obtained her Juris Doctor at the Phoenix School of Law. During this time, she was published in the Phoenix Law Review. After graduating from law school, she moved on to the Burguan Clarke Law Office, PLLC, where she handled a variety of cases, including those involving real estate law, family law, juvenile law and civil litigation. Today, she handles employment, juvenile and civil litigation cases as an attorney at Burguan Law, PLLC. She is consistently commended by her clients and fellow attorneys for her passion and sense of commitment. Intent on remaining up to date with the many changes taking place in her various practice areas, Jessica Burguan makes a point of maintaining membership with the State Bar of Arizona and the American Bar Association.

Jessica Burguan: Trusted Representation in Phoenix, Arizona

Jessica Burguan possesses a thorough understanding of the local legal system, as well the ability to build strong and trusting relationships with her clients, many of whom are in the midst of stressful, high stakes legal situations. As a proud member of Arizona’s top team for juvenile, employment and civil litigation, the respected Phoenix lawyer prides herself on her ability to deliver satisfactory case resolutions for her valued clients. This ability, combined with her obvious sense of compassion, has earned Jessica Burguan a stellar reputation throughout the Phoenix area. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your current case, you can count on Jessica Burguan of Burguan Law, PLLC for high-quality legal counsel and representation. Feel free to get in touch so that you can learn how Jessica Burguan can help you bring your current case to a satisfactory close.