Practice Areas

Business Law

Are you interested in starting your own business or do you have an existing small business and need assistance from legal counsel? Burguan Law, PLLC can provide assistance in either of these situations.

It may seem simple enough to file your business paperwork with the corporation commission; however, many filings are rejected and delayed because the paperwork is filled out improperly. Whether you are starting an LLC or a corporation, you will need to file official paperwork with the state’s corporation commission. If you need your forms prepared, the Burguan Law office can do so for a low flat fee. If you are looking to retain an attorney as a statutory agent for your business, then Burguan Law, PLLC offers those services as well.
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Civil Rights

A civil rights claim can be brought in either state or federal court. There may be a strategic advantage to bring the action in one court versus the other. A civil rights claim is brought against a public entity or employee. A public entity is a government entity. The civil rights act expanded the ability to bring civil rights actions against private entities and individuals for racial discrimination. If your neighbor of their own free will decides to spy on you it is not a civil rights violation even though your privacy has been violated. You may have other causes of action, but in that case it is not considered a civil rights violation. If a government agent spies on you in a manner that violates the Fourth or Fourteenth Amendment then you may have a civil rights cause of action.
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Education Law

There are many areas of the education system where a child's rights might be violated. Children deserve an education that fits their needs, and the experienced attorneys at Burguan Law, PLLC are willing to fight to make that happen.

Employment Law

Burguan Law represents both employees and employers. Practicing in State and Federal court, our attorneys are experienced handling litigation related to the American with Disabilities with Disabilities Act ADA), the Pregnancy Act, FMLA, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, constructive discharge, wage and hour law, severance packages and employment contracts, including but not limited to, non-compete clauses.
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Family Law

Burguan Law, PLLC handles family law matters. Family law cases range from annulments and divorces to child support and custody. We believe that family law matters are best handled in a collaborative matter with as little contention as possible. It is important to remember that when two parents are divorcing that those parents will be in each other’s lives until their children are at least 18-years of age. We believe that the divorce process should go as smoothly as possible for your children.
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Juvenile Law

At Burguan Law, experienced attorneys are ready to litigate on your behalf. Whether you need an attorney to fight for your family's rights or defend your child against delinquency charges, we are here to help you. Our attorneys have litigated hundreds of Department of Child Safety (DCS), formerly Child Protective Service (CPS) cases. Regularly appearing in juvenile court, our attorneys are familiar with the juvenile court rules of procedure and the local practices involved.
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