Business Law

Are you interested in starting your own business or do you have an existing small business and need assistance from legal counsel? Burguan Law, PLLC can provide assistance in either of these situations.

It may seem simple enough to file your business paperwork with the corporation commission; however, many filings are rejected and delayed because the paperwork is filled out improperly. Whether you are starting an LLC or a corporation, you will need to file official paperwork with the state’s corporation commission. If you need your forms prepared, the Burguan Law office can do so for a low flat fee. If you are looking to retain an attorney as a statutory agent for your business, then Burguan Law, PLLC offers those services as well.

Small businesses often engage in the preparation and entering into of contracts. It is always beneficial to have an attorney prepare or review contracts to insure the best result for your business. You may also enter into negotiations over the terms of your contracts. As certified mediator, Mr. has been trained in negotiation. We can review your contracts, help you prepare them, or enter into negotiations on your behalf.

Your business may need assistance with preparing non-compete agreements, or you may need to challenge a non-compete clause that you signed from prior employment. Arizona uses the “blue-pencil rule,” a rule that permits the removal of invalid portions of a non-compete clause while maintaining the rest. Figuring out what portions of a non-compete clause will be upheld versus struck down can be a complex process. We can assist you in drafting a non-compete clause more likely to be upheld, or we can assist you in finding the holes in a non-compete clause used against you.

As outside corporate counsel, our attorneys can be retained in the event that your business is sued. You can retain Burguan Law, PLLC prior to a lawsuit to insure their availability, or you can simply hire the firm on case by case bases. Regardless of what your business’s needs are,  Burguan Law, PLLC is available to help.

If you are a small business owner, or looking to start a small business, please contact Burguan Law, PLLC for low cost, effective assistance. For businesses that choose to retain the Burguan Law office, heavily discounted hourly rates are available.

For your convenience the link to the Arizona Corporation Commission’s forms page has been included, as well as a link to their businesses database. When naming your business you cannot use a name that has already been taken.