Education Law

Is your child having trouble in the education system?

There are many areas of the education system where a child’s rights might be violated. Children deserve an education that fits their needs, and the experienced attorneys at Burguan Law, PLLC are willing to fight to make that happen.

It’s possible your child is being denied access to an educational program he or she needs, or is being discriminated against for certain programs. Maybe there was unfair discipline, or a issue with attendance or dress code. Your child has the right to an appropriate educational experience.

Does your child have a disability, including a learning disability?

If your child has a disability, there are special protections that have been put in place under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The school system must provide a program tailored to your child’s specific needs, which can include anything from modified facilities to special classes to enrollment at a specific school.

The program requirements under IDEA are that your child’s program must be free and appropriate, and with the least restrictive environment. If your child qualifies for this program, coverage extends until the age of 21 or high school graduation, whichever comes first.

Significantly under IDEA, parents are given a voice, and procedural safeguards are put into place to ensure your child’s rights and protections.

What if the problem is bullying?

If your child is being bullied at school and there is no action being taken by the school officials, it is important to seek help as soon as possible so that the situation can be stopped. Children need to be safe at school, before anything else, and an environment where anyone is being bullied is bad for everyone.

If the school authorities won’t take immediate, suitable action, it will be necessary to force them to. The Phoenix education lawyers at Burguan want to make sure that any such situations are dealt with immediately and forcefully.

What if you’re not sure your situation is protected under education law?

Most people have never dealt with education law before, so it’s not surprising that most people aren’t aware of their rights and ability to see those rights protected. If you are in the Phoenix area and think your child needs help, call Burguan today for a free consultation.